Ambidextrous SHMUP. Control two ships, once with each hand. Break free from your biological programming and become a graceful, bullet-dodging machine. For a different experience, two players can control the ships and fight over the spacebar.

Made as part of the Steamy GameJam 2019.

WASD        = control the left ship
ARROW KEYS = control the right ship
SPACE       = swap ship colours

* The ships can absorb enemy bullets of the same colour



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Starts off so hard; it looks fun. Its hard to get into tho.

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Whoah, this feels insanely uncomfortable to play for me. I like the idea, might have worked better for both ships on the same screen rather than two different ones for me.

Sad, it looks very fun to play from your screenshots! But I'm getting cross-eyes even trying :-)

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